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Anna (Carlsson) Jonsson

Chronic Pain

I am a PhD student at the Department of Pharmaceutical biosciences, Division of biological research on drug dependence, under the supervision of Fred Nyberg. I received a master of pharmaceutical biosciences and a master of science in pharmacy in 2008. My master degree project was conducted in the field of neuropharmacology, studying the effects of the neuropeptide Substance P (SP) 1-7 on diabetic neuropathy. I am now continuing my research within this field as a PhD student.

My research field is devoted to chronic pain and the Substance P system. I am studying chronic pain with the aim to investigate the analgesic effects of neuropeptide fragment SP(1-7) and peptidomimetics. In addition I am investigating new peptidomimetics to binding sites of importance for pain signaling using receptor binding techniques.

Uppsala Berzelii centre gives me the opportunity to interact with researchers within the pain research field, giving me new aspects of pain research. It also gives me the possibility to learn more about other closely related research fields. By funding my research, Uppsala Berzelii center has made it possible for me to become a PhD student.

My main goal is to contribute to the development of new drugs against neuropathic pain, but also to receive my PhD in the future.


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